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Traffic Tour
Traffic Tour

Traffic Tour

What is Traffic Tour?

Traffic Tour is a thrilling highway car racing game. Drive your car through extreme traffic and enjoy an unlimited arcade racing game that brings you to a new level of fluid driving simulations and outstanding visual quality. Upgrade your cars with the most powerful equipment developed for traffic racer lovers, and enjoy this racing game with extensive features. 

This is a highway or lane racing game; accelerate into traffic jams and split lanes to earn more points. Navigate a straight highway between vehicles and trucks. Racing game (Traffic Tour) is a new limitless arcade racing game that takes you to another level of smooth driving simulations and great graphics quality, built for traffic racer aficionados with advanced features that make this racing game the top free cars game.


  • Real Racing experience and realistic graphics
  • Select your favorite racing cars and compete against other players in a real-time multiplayer mode.
  • Participate in 100 different online missions and win prizes by defeating your opponents
  • Race cars with your pals in the 1V1 game.
  • Excellent CRS (car racing system)
  • The most enjoyable free racing game


  • W = forward
  • D = Right
  • L = Left
  • S = Brake
  • Shift = Nitrous
  • ESC = Back 

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