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Rabbids Wild Race
Rabbids Wild Race

Rabbids Wild Race

What is Rabbids Wild Race?

Rabbids Wild Race is an exciting racing game with a similar dynamic to Flappy Bird. Use your short little rabbit legs and a powerful jetpack to guide a crazy rabbit as far as possible. Throughout the race, avoid various obstacles and ammunition from rabid villains.

Fly as far as you can and collect all the stars along the way to win the Rabbids Wild Race before the other naughty Rabbids do! Prepare your Jetpack and dress up your character for the occasion; it's time to run and fly full speed ahead!

Enjoy this exciting free multiplayer game by customizing your character and navigating an endless environment filled with armed enemies and danger. To prevent other players from winning, use your jetpack to avoid obstacles and bounce off them.

Game Rules

On a single server, 32 players will compete against one another. Your goal will be to get as far as possible and collect as many coins as possible in order to beat the other rabbits. You must also avoid obstacles, which can end your game if you hit them. To avoid the obstacles, you use your jetpack, which allows you to fly around. You will be able to purchase skins for your character with the coins you earn.

Tips and Tricks

Keep an eye out for the moment your shield runs out. A white barrier highlights this moment. If you cross the barrier, the other 31 Rabbids will be able to jump over each other's heads and even hit you.

Once the race is over, the stars you collect can be used to unlock an armor in the main menu. You can take an extra hit in your next race with this armor!

With the coins you earn, while playing, you can purchase amazing outfits for your Rabbid in the shop. Combine hats and glasses, such as the Viking hat, with the rest of your gear to make your Rabbid stand out.


Using mouse

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