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Lego Speed Champions
Lego Speed Champions

Lego Speed Champions

What is Lego Speed Champions game?

The fast-paced racing game Lego Speed Champions lets you take the wheel of a variety of LEGO vehicles, including the Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche. Beautiful 3D LEGO graphics are used throughout the game, from the tracks to the vehicles. The game also features a drifting and overtaking element that enables players to overtake rivals and move ahead by drifting from corner to corner. Complete some great trials, then conquer some of the toughest tracks. 

Game Rules

Control one of the various Lego automobiles, like a Porsche, Ferrari, or McLaren. Drift from one side to the other while attempting to overtake your adversaries. As you go for the finish line, leave your rivals in a cloud of dust. Complete each carefully crafted level to claim your spot on the ladder board. Demonstrate to everyone your superior driving skills.




  • Controls Mouse
  • Move the Left Mouse Button 
  • Select Arrow Keys
  • Press Space to Drive
  • Press the hand brake

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