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Extreme Drag Racing
Extreme Drag Racing

Extreme Drag Racing

What is Extreme Drag Racing

Extreme Drag Racing game is a great simulation where you have to switch gears at the moment for Maximum Speed and beat your opponents. The different car options each have unique stats and features. Choose your car And Race to win.

In Extreme Drag Racing games, players take on the role of a drag racer and participate in various drag racing events. The objective is to achieve the fastest acceleration from a standing start and reach the finish line before the opponent.


  •  3D Realistic Car Models
  •  Various Word Locations
  •  Customizable Cars
  •  Player Stats

Game Rules

  1. Starting Line: The race begins with both vehicles positioned side by side at the starting line, often marked by a light tree or starting lights system.

  2. Christmas Tree: The Christmas Tree is a set of lights that count down to the start of the race. It consists of three amber lights (pre-stage, stage, and then three yellow lights (pro-stage, amber, and green) at the bottom.

  3. Staging: Each driver moves their vehicle forward until the front tires break a light beam, known as staging. This indicates that the vehicles are ready to race.

  4. Start: Once both vehicles are staged, the Christmas Tree lights will start to descend. The objective is to launch the vehicle at the precise moment the green light illuminates, signaling the start of the race.

  5. Acceleration: After the race starts, both drivers accelerate their vehicles down the track as quickly as possible, aiming to reach the finish line first.

  6. Finish Line: The finish line marks the end of the race. The first vehicle to cross the finish line is declared the winner.

  7. Timing System: Drag racing often employs timing systems that measure elapsed time (ET) and speed. ET refers to the time it takes for a vehicle to travel from the starting line to the finish line. The speed is measured in miles per hour (or kilometers per hour).

  8. Lane Choice: In some cases, racers may have the opportunity to choose their lane before the race. Lane choice can be important as track conditions can vary between lanes.



- Air With W Or Up to Space
- Arrow Keys For Gear Shift
- N For Nitro

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