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Doomsday Drift
Doomsday Drift

Doomsday Drift

What is Doomsday Drift?

The world is in disarray. A mysterious comet on a collision course with Earth has been discovered. The end is approaching.

The news channels are flooded with warnings about the impending disaster. "This is it," they declare. "The end of the world is here." People are frightened, looting, and rioting. There is a palpable sense of foreboding in the air.

Game Rules

You are one of the few people who have survived. You've been chosen to pilot a special car capable of outrunning the comet. Your mission is straightforward: drive as fast as you can while remaining alive.

The road ahead is fraught with peril. The debris from the comet has already begun to fall, and the ground is littered with obstacles. To stay alive, you'll need to use all of your skills. Avoid debris and obstacles while keeping your car running. If you can accomplish all of that, you may have a chance to save the world.

There isn't much time. The entire world is depending on you. So get in your car, press the gas pedal, and go. Your life and the fate of the world are at stake.


Using Mouse

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